Assets / SVG Icons: 26 px

SVG Icons: 26 px


<svg id="zd-svg-icon-26-wordmark-chat"> <svg id="zd-svg-icon-26-wordmark-connect"> <svg id="zd-svg-icon-26-wordmark-explore"> <svg id="zd-svg-icon-26-wordmark-guide"> <svg id="zd-svg-icon-26-wordmark-message"> <svg id="zd-svg-icon-26-wordmark-sell"> <svg id="zd-svg-icon-26-wordmark-support"> <svg id="zd-svg-icon-26-wordmark-sunshine"> <svg id="zd-svg-icon-26-wordmark-talk"> <svg id="zd-svg-icon-26-wordmark-zendesk"> <svg id="zd-svg-icon-26-wordmark-capital-the"> <svg id="zd-svg-icon-26-wordmark-capital-zendesk"> <svg id="zd-svg-icon-26-wordmark-capital-suite">

Wordmark Layout

The wordmarks shown below are positioned using size-relative margins that ensure the baseline of the word is aligned with the bottom of the logo. In addition, whitespace is added between the logo and the wordmark. Logos and wordmarks can be combined to produce a variety of layouts; however, it is critical that the end result adheres to published brand guidelines.